“8 Breaths”

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June 28th, 2021

By: Eileen Yager, MD

Everyone has some stress now, especially as places open up, but most people are happy about loosening restrictions. Joy is a feeling that is expansive and underlies our days, the feeling that things are essentially good underneath, even if there are some negatives. Joy helps us be more fully present to life and gives us the energy to transform our suffering. This breath practice can be done in “8 Breaths.” In the video I allow time for a couple of breaths for each topic.

*Practice is adapted from Tim Desmond.

Part Two of this video is coming soon!

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I am Dr. Eileen Yager, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. I run the Integrative Pain Management Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado for kids mostly with chronic pain. In 1990 I was on the founding faculty of the UCLA Pediatric Pain Center, and Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer was my boss then!