Alexandra Helfrich’s passion is working on behalf of children. She’s served on the board of directors of the Burbank Arts for All Foundation since 2007, and as co-chair of the organization from 2010-2013, where they’ve donated over $750,000 to arts programs in local schools. In addition, Alexandra has served as an advisor for public school Special Education, Arts, School Safety, and Mental Health and Wellness planning committees. A committed advocate, Alexandra was awarded the 28th Congressional District Woman of the Year recognition by Representative Adam Schiff in 2014.   

As the mother of a child with frightening chronic pain and health challenges, Alexandra employed her advocacy skills to research resources, professionals, treatments, and support. The search included unconventional as well as traditional medical expertise to help her family manage multiple complicated conditions. After finally finding diagnoses, the greatest hurdle has been supporting the mental health of a previously active teenager whose body has betrayed her. Building a community that understands the needs of people faced with ongoing chronic pain became a critical priority.  

Alexandra Helfrich is the Vice President of a family owned film production company. Her past professional experience includes Director of Feature Post Production for Fox Searchlight Pictures, and ten years of freelance independent and studio film production work in New York City. Alexandra is married to feature film editor and director, Mark Helfrich, and they have two powerful young adult daughters.