My name is Ana. I am the mother of 2 daughters, both diagnosed with chronic pain at age 14. We took them to tons of doctors, but none could figure out why they were feeling pain all the time. It felt like being stuck in a dark pit, and we were scared. We finally got a sense of control when we got in to see Dr. Zeltzer and she started the therapies which caused everything to slowly improve. With my youngest, we didn’t think lightning could strike twice, but when she wasn’t making progress after a surgery, we got her to Dr. Zeltzer and she improved with the therapies.   

My children are now 22 and 25 (one just graduated from college as a writer, the other is a therapist). 

One child uses art and yoga as her creative healing – the other uses cooking! 

My creative healing is playing guitar and piano, watching music videos, walking the dogs! 

My advice: Keep an open mind for out of the box therapies. They just might work.  

I want others to know that pain is real, it’s debilitating, and it needs to be dealt with — patiently.