Every donation helps CHYP provide creative healing opportunities to youth in pain and their families. They are dealing with anxiety, stress, isolation, and more – but they don’t have to go through it alone.

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CHYP is working hard to create a cohesive program that will reduce common healthcare barriers like location and cost. Every teen in pain and distress deserves to feel support and relief. In order to continue these programs, we need your help!

You can add “Creative Healing for Youth in Pain” to your Amazon Prime account (by logging in through Amazon Smile – to donate a portion of your purchases to CHYP, at no extra cost to you!

  • Youth “CHYPchats” bring together small groups of youth on a weekly basis via Zoom to talk, laugh, hang out, share helpful coping strategies and express their creativity.
  • Creative Healing Workshops bring in artists to facilitate expressive group activities over Zoom, including music, photography, drawing, performance art, baking, yoga, etc.
  • CHYP Summer Camp which enables campers to gather from across the country to connect and explore new ways to engage in creative healing with guest artists, group and individual activities and to just plain have fun.
  • Parent “CHYPchats,” led by a psychologist specializing in pediatric pain disorders, which provide a space for caregivers of youth with chronic pain to discuss their experiences, share resources and receive educational guidance.
  • Educational Webinar Series focused on different topics that might be helpful, relatable and supportive for caregivers of youth with chronic pain, as well as others in the community, featuring experts in the relevant fields who provide informative presentations and offer question/answer sessions.
  • CHYP Resource Library, available on CHYP’s website, which provides educational YouTube videos, research articles, meditation recordings, instructional yoga videos, links to key websites, user-created content and more.
  • Creative Research Programs on photography, personalized songs, pen-pals for creative projects, and more.
  • Pain Tool-Kit Education Programs for teens to learn about the mind-body connection with a structured curriculum and peer guidance.
  • Training Programs for young adults (18-25) to mentor younger teen groups.

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