Putting a New Face on Pain: 2020 Showcase/Fundraiser

Too depressed and in too much pain… now dancing! Couldn’t concentrate for school… now writing poems! Too irritable to leave their room… now singing!

Creative Healing for Youth in Pain (chyp) is an online nonprofit for teens with chronic pain and their families. More than 35% of U.S. teens have chronic pain, and if pain is not addressed during adolescence, it is likely to continue into adulthood. The average teen who finds chyp has already visited at least 14 doctors (some even more than 50!), undergone numerous tests and procedures, stopped going to school, quit hobbies, and feels like no one understands. They are told: they are “seeking attention,” “faking,” or “crazy” – (“It is psychological”)… the teen begins to believe this, but still suffers from pain and pain-related anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and poor school performance. Where do these teens and families go for help?

chyp’s goal is to help teens alter pain by using the brain and body in new ways to change the brain’s pain circuits. Science shows that using the brain in creative ways alters pain signals more than most medications. By strengthening the mind/body connection, you can actually teach your brain how to turn off your pain signals. Creative healing can be art, music, acting, writing, yoga, dancing, cooking, and many other activities. Creative healing actually changes the pain messages. It can help rewire the nervous system’s pain routes. Teens can learn to “unstick” their own sticky neural pain loop and rewire their own brain!

For many young people with chronic pain, the worst part isn’t even the pain itself – it is the isolation… feeling alone in their experience… Rarely have they met another teen going through what they are going through. Social support and knowing that you are not alone are critical. chyp helps teens understand what is happening to their bodies, gives them tools to help themselves overcome pain, and introduces these teens to each other so that they can experience social support from a peer perspective, while also eliminating barriers like cost, healthcare insurance, location, and traveling for care.

On October 28th, chyp is hosting a virtual fundraiser for the public to learn more about the organization’s core values and mission, and what chyp youth have been up to. chyp’s Founder/President, Executive Director, and several other chyp staff members will discuss the science behind chyp, chyp’s goals and intentions, research, available programs for youth and caregivers, and future plans. In addition, videos and projects from some of chyp’s youth will be presented, and there will be a Q&A portion where participants can type questions into the chat function on Zoom to be answered by one or more of the presenters.

This event is perfect for anyone who:
– Would like to learn more about chyp and/or about chronic pain
– Thinks they or someone they know may benefit from chyp services
– Is already a part of the chyp community to stay up-to-date and/or further support chyp
– Other organizations who may want to collaborate with chyp in the future
– Anyone else who’d like to join!

The event is free to attend (with opportunity for sponsorship) and will take place at 7:00 pm (PDT). Participants will receive a recorded copy of the fundraiser via email after the event. *When you register for this event your email will be added to the mailing list for chyp. You may opt out at any time.

Register for FREE: https://chyp2020fundraiser.eventbrite.com


Oct 28 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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