There is a lot going on in your life already… 

The more pain you are in, the more space it takes up in your life (even if you don’t want it to!)  

Your pain journey is unique, but you are not alone. There are a lot of other young people also in pain. How great would it be if you can connect with other teens who are going through a similar experience? Visit our approach to learn more about how chyp can help you master your Smart Brain Pain Syndrome

Chronic pain comes in many different forms, and it is now being recognized as a medical condition related to an over-active nervous system. Even though it feels like pain is concentrated in an area of the body, pain is actually processed in our brain. Just because it is in our brain does not mean it is not real – it is as real as any other pain. Any pain, acute or chronic, is signaled by the brain. To learn more, visit our chronic pain page.  

Here at chyp, we want YOU to be in charge of your pain journey and that starts with your creative healing. This can be anything, including art, music, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, writing, photography, filmmaking, makeup, dance, cooking, gardening, crafting, animal-assistance, and much more

We are hard at work creating an interactive website with: 

Social networking features so you can connect with peers who understand

Education about the role of the brain, mind, and body in the pain experience 

Creative healing techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection and change the experience of pain 

If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will keep you in the loop on the website’s development. Until then, please explore our social media, resource library, and share your story page to continue your creative healing! 

Together we can conquer chronic pain!