My name is Jimmy. Both of my children were diagnosed with chronic pain when they were teenagers. This also included panic attacks, frequent loss of consciousness, and seizures — even dropping out of school. Many doctors were baffled and unable to help. Eventually, Dr. Zeltzer (founder) was able to help both kids with a series of therapies.  

Art helps both girls — painting and drawing. Art is their creative healing, as well as Iyengar yoga and regular exercise.  

I even have my own creative healing. Photography is a big thing (both shooting and working with the images later). Writing and traveling helps, too. 

My advice: Get up and do something, even if it hurts. Get out and be with people. 

What do I want others to know about pain? It’s coming for everyone eventually. Learn to deal with it. Don’t be ashamed to get help. If one doctor can’t help you, find another. Speak up. Talk to others and share what you’re going through. Be good to yourself and enjoy life — even when it hurts. That’ll make it feel better.