Matt wrote the song “Civil War” about his journey with chronic pain and depression. *LYRICS BELOW* talk about fear and doubt stemming from feeling like his “thoughts can’t navigate this maze.”


Home sweet home the saying goes

Then why do I feel so alone

Better off than I’ve been in years

But I’m still in tears

It cuts on through like a winter breeze

Taking me down with ease

Clouds my mind in a haze

My thoughts can’t navigate this maze

*It’s eating me up inside

This civil war inside my mind

I don’t know what to do

It’s beating me to submission

Oh this war of attrition

Has brought me to my knees*

A photograph on the windowsill

When we were young and full of cheer

Dressed in red at the game

Man I hope we win

Cuz thats all I was about

Before all this fear and doubt

Swallowed up my head

Suffocating me dead


I lay on down and close my eyes

But I ain’t getting any sleep tonight

It’s leering down over me

Haunting my dreams

When daylight comes I walk outside

I see the people; I fake a smile

Can’t let them see the devil in me

Contain my thoughts from spilling free


But I see you

And my mind cools

Yeah that sweet face

Clears my headspace

I’ll give myself to you

Cuz I’m kinda through

With being Me