Natalie Ben-Ari is currently in eighth grade. She is a Girl Scout of Los Angeles, and loves to do volunteer work within, and outside her Girl Scout troop. She is very involved in the choral arts and sings in 7/8 Honors Choir with her school. She also enjoys theater and where she is not only able to act, but is also able to sing. She has been playing the piano for many years and she attributes her love of singing to the piano. She fills roles of leadership at her school, including being president of California Junior Scholarship Federation at her school – a program that advocates for academic success, community service, and citizenship in schools all over California. She has suffered chronic pain, more specifically CRPS, since she turned ten, and wanted to help others who suffer chronic pain through CHYP. When she gets older, she aspires to be a doctor so she is able to give back to people and make an impact. She is on the CHYP Youth Advisory Board because she has first hand experience with chronic pain, and she hopes her input could be useful to benefitting the non-profit.  

Natalie’s creative healing: singing and theater