Our Approach

…to the Smart Brain Pain Syndrome

This is how most people would describe someone with chronic pain. These are all great qualities that make you special and unique, but this is also what makes you susceptible to chronic pain. Your brain learns so quickly and so deeply, that sometimes it becomes so “aware” it can actually get stuck in your brain’s “pain loops” and fire pain signals too often or too much.

But, don’t worry! We know how to help you learn how to “unstick” your smart brain and teach it how to turn down your overactive pain receptors when they don’t need to be working so hard. As we said, you have this issue because of your high-functioning mind and intelligence… so your brain can teach itself these new ways to experience information!

Research has shown us that mind and body strategies, plus social support, are the tools needed to conquer chronic pain. This is where CHYP comes in with:

• Education about the role of the brain, mind, and body in the pain experience
• A social support network of peers who understand
• Creative healing techniques to strengthen the mind/body connection and change the experience of pain

Most teens who deal with chronic pain have been told by doctors and peers that the pain is “psychological” (e.g. thought not to be real). CHYP is a safe place for this population because chronic pain is real and it can be helped.

One size does not fit all and there are many creative healing options. We offer an online presence that is able to provide resources and information on how to do creative healing exercises in the comfort of your own home. Understanding the isolation that comes with chronic pain, we offer an online social platform for youth and caregivers to connect with each other.

Bright. Creative. Sensitive. Observant. Perfectionist.