Pam started her career in the fashion business. When she met her husband Ronnie she relocated from Los Angeles to Denver, Colorado. Both of them enjoyed the four seasons in the Mile High City. They started their family immediately and Pam focused on raising the kids while Ronnie traveled as a salesman. They have two sets of twins who are all born on the same day eight years apart. Now Alec is 25, Rebecca and Matt are 24, and Shelby and David are 16. About nine years ago Rebecca was recruited to a dancing and singing group called Kidz Bop. This eventually brought us back to Los Angeles. The kids were always musical and this move launched three of the King kids into the entertainment business. Pam managed the kids initially. They rented a home in Studio City that to their surprise had toxic mold throughout. They lived there for six years not knowing what was in the walls. Shelby was the first to get sick. From that point on Pam has been the liaison between doctors and Shelby. She has had to home school on and off for a couple years. Shelby continues to fight for her health on a daily basis with pain and chronic health symptoms. Pam has learned to be an activist for her children fighting for the answers to help Shelby live her best life.