CHYP is providing a 6-week, weekly Zoom video chat group for youth with chronic pain, for informational purposes. After completing this cycle, youth have the option to opt-in to CHYP’s monthly CHYPchat Zoom video chat to feel connected to others facing similar challenges who have chronic pain. There will also be the opportunity to join an online messaging support system to stay connected with the community of support.

The duration of this service is unknown and may be discontinued at any time.

  1. Please remember that everyone’s pain journey, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment is different. What works for you may not work for others, and vice versa. Further, this is not meant to be a therapeutic intervention or medical treatment, and no medical or clinical advice should be shared.
  2. Be respectful, responsible, and appropriate with your use. This is a judgment and intolerance free space.
  3. DO NOT: Bully, harass, disrespect, exploit, bash, troll, or be rude, offensive, cruel, or graphic.
  4. Refrain from content (e.g. language, pictures, or jokes) that is inappropriate, foul, abusive, or suggestive.
  5. This organization and online community does not have any religious or political affiliation (all are welcome!). Out of respect for differing beliefs that can trigger others, please refrain from those types of comments/content.
  6. Try to stay on-topic and relevant.
  7. Treat others the way you want to be treated. If your comment/response is not positive or supportive, think twice about posting, or speaking. This is a frustrating time for everyone. While venting is part of the process, we want to encourage positivity and support.
  8. What happens in group, stays in group! Please be respectful of other group members’ private information.
  9. Although there will be an adult moderating the discussion, this is not meant to be a therapeutic intervention or medical treatment whatsoever. This is solely an opportunity to feel connected to peers during this challenging time.
  10. No selling, soliciting, promoting, advertising, spamming, or fundraising for profit.
  11. This is a vulnerable population. We understand that chronic pain is linked to mental
  12. health issues (like depression and anxiety). However, self-harm/suicidal comments or threatening comments (to self or to others) will not be acceptable topics of discussion and the individual/comments may be removed. This community is not an emergency service. If you feel like you or someone else is in danger, please call “911.”
  13. If you have a concern or question about what you or others are discussing, please feel free to reach out to the CHYP team (
  14. If you have questions about any content you encounter through CHYP, please consult with your own doctors and clinicians. Exposure to everything through CHYP is purely educational and should be processed with a professional. Information provided through this service is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content available through CHYP is for general purposes only.


Please note that CHYP may record the conversations and related video so they can be shared with our audience, and those who are not directly involved may still be able to benefit from this “round table discussion.”

We discourage you from sharing personal information (last names, phone numbers, social media accounts, addresses, etc.) and sensitive information (medical or clinical advice or diagnoses).

However, we may collect and use in Media Publications the following information, as disclosed in the authorization form you signed permitting us to use this information:

  • First name (or alias);
  • Image(s);
  • Voice;
  • Diagnosis (optional); and
  • Testimonials.

If you have a concern or question about what you or others are sharing, please feel free to reach out to the CHYP team (

I am mindful that my feedback and other contributions to this group will be used to support CHYP’s mission. This may include my first name (or alias), age, writings, photographs, videos, audios, and more to be used throughout CHYP media. I am aware that my participation in CHYP activities is voluntary.

I have read through and agree to the rules of engagement. I know that the Zoom is an independent program that will be using as a tool to collaborate and share ideas. I understand this is an optional method of communication that I do not have to use, but if I am added to this group, I agree to all of the above rules.