Sophia Dollenmayer is currently in 12 grade, and loves to perform. She travels around the country with Tremaine Dance Conventions, as well as competing within her home studio, Thrive Dance Center. She is extremely involved in her school, participating in student council, liturgy team and being the president of several clubs. She also loves volunteering within her own community through Shelter Hope and NCL, a mother-daughter organization. Sophia was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 10, and since the beginning of the year has suffered with chronic pain, specifically conversion disorder. Sophia hope to lend a helping hand to those suffering alongside her through CHYP. As she applies for colleges, she hopes to pursue a degree in Dance and Kinesiology, and eventually own her own dance studio. She is on the CHYP Youth Advisory Board because she has first hand experience with chronic pain, and hopes her input could be useful to benefitting the non-profit. 

Sophia’s creative healing: theater, dance, and cooking