Teryse Ferraiolo has had the opportunity to pursue her career goals and also stay at home to raise her children. She graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Boston College and a Masters in Secondary Education from Salem State. She taught high school math for 12 years in a small community in Northern Massachusetts, but believed her role was more than just teaching Mathematics. She understood the importance of connecting with the students: to inspire them, to give them confidence in their abilities, and to support them when they needed it.  

Five years ago, Teryse and her family moved back to her home-state of California. She put her career on hold to help her family transition to their new home. However, the move was much more difficult than expected. In the first year of school, Teryse’sdaughter, Emily was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Teryse not only had to find the basics like a primary care doctor, but also had to educate herself about CRPS and find specialists that could help her daughter. She eventually discovered Whole Child LA, where Emily had a whole team of doctors to help her heal. They developed a plan which included medication, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. This combination of methodologies enabled Emily to not only heal from the physical pain, but also taught her strategies to heal from the emotional pain of leaving Massachusetts. She slowly developed the strength to start a new chapter in California, and is now a thriving teenager, who has made wonderful new friendships, has a passion for learning, loves to cook, and dreams of being an artist.  

Teryse has played many roles during Emily’s illness. She was a caregiver when Emily was hurt, a teacher when she wasn’t able to attend school, and a mother to love, support, and guide her. Today, Teryse, along with her daughter, Emily, continue their journey as they pursue their desire to share what they have learned so as to help others.