What We Offer


We know life can get very busy, and with pain in the mix… it can add to the chaos and feel overwhelming. While your pain journey is unique, you are not alone. There are a lot of other young people in pain. How great would it be to connect with others who are going through a similar experience? We have seen first-hand how helpful it can be to connect with others who share similar stories. CHYP is a nonprofit that strives to provide creative healing methods, educational resources, and social support for youth with chronic pain and their parents online.


chypCHATs take place over Zoom and are intended to provide a safe space for youth to come together, talk, laugh, hang out, share helpful coping, and express their creativity. Spending time in this space with one another lets young people know that they are not alone and that others understand what they are going through.

Our CHYPchat groups are currently full, but we have new exciting groups to announce soon! Please click here to sign up for our newsletter. 


Do you want to try something new or strengthen a talent you already have? Creative Healing Workshops bring in artists to facilitate expressive group activities over Zoom. These activities range from music creation, photography, drawing, performance art, baking, yoga, and everything in between! Youth are invited to participate in whatever ways feel most comfortable for them.

You can learn more about upcoming Workshops by visiting our calendar, following us on social media, or emailing admin@mychyp.org.


This summer will be our second annual virtual summer camp jam-packed with creative healing activities five days a week! This is a great opportunity for youth to come together and connect no matter where they are.

For registration details, please email admin@mychyp.org.

Current Research Project:


The Parent chypCHAT provides an environment for caregivers of youth with chronic pain to discuss their experiences, share resources with each other, and receive educational guidance from a psychologist specializing in pediatric pain disorders.

These groups meet on the last Friday of the month from 1-2 pm (PST). For more information or to register, please email admin@mychyp.org.


Webinars are focused on different topics that may be helpful, relatable, and supportive for caregivers of youth with chronic pain, as well as others in the community. Each event features experts in a given field who provide informative presentations with an interactive Q+A.

You can learn more about upcoming Webinars by visiting our calendar, following us on social media, or emailing admin@mychyp.org.