At 13-years old, Emily is a dedicated student, a devoted friend, an amazing sister and daughter, and a hard-working, determined healer. She’s an eighth-grade student at Luther Burbank Middle School, who excels in science, social studies, art, and the culinary arts. She loves to listen to music, watch anime, and design new characters for stories she creates. Emily has amazing friends in her new home of California, as well as her hometown of Amesbury, Massachusetts. She is thoughtful, caring, and fun to be around. Her sidekick in life is her younger brother Matthew, who she has always watched over as a friend and big sister.  

Emily is a survivor of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). She was diagnosed with CRPS in the 4thgrade, soon after making the move from Massachusetts to California. She was trying to adjust to a new life – a new town, a new school, making new friends – when she was diagnosed with CRPS. Emily had a lot of obstacles to overcome when she first became a patient of Whole Child LA. However, Emily’s perseverance and determination to heal were instrumental in her recovery. She endured home schooling, long painful car rides, and hours of therapy; but through that, she was able to develop incredible relationships with her doctors and therapists. After months of being in indescribable pain, she began her road to recovery through medication, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and physical therapy. Her journey continues, as she strives to help others in pain by sharing her story, and what she has learned. 

Emily’s creative healing: cartooning, art, cooking, and running