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Our Story

CHYP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit

Our story begins with Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, an Emerita Distinguished Professor at UCLA, renowned for her contributions to pediatric pain and palliative care. Her impactful career includes leadership of influential committees, recognition for significant contributions, and prolific research, authoring over 400 publications and 4 books.

Combining expertise, research acumen, and a commitment to community well-being, Dr. Zeltzer played a pivotal role in developing scientifically validated mind-body programs. While co-directing the Whole Child LA pediatric complex pain clinic with her husband Dr. Paul Zeltzer, she recognized the need for programs beyond traditional medical resources, leading to the creation of CHYP.

In 2005, Children's Comfort Connection emerged, to develop educational resources for clinicians in multiple specialties treating pediatric patients who experienced pain as well for patient families. By 2019, with Dr. Zeltzer's retirement from UCLA and time to devote to charitable endeavors, a fresh name change to Creative Healing for Youth in Pain (CHYP), and a more focused purpose was developed. Our mission became clear:  to cultivate a supportive online community for youth ages 13-24 and their caregivers navigating the challenges of chronic pain. Using creative, non-clinical interventions, education, and peer support, we strive to inspire and empower participants, with the tools needed to overcome the obstacles of chronic pain, guiding them towards a journey of healing and hope.  Through creative interventions, education, and peer support, we inspire and empower participants on a healing journey.

Today, CHYP's story continues with a fully online platform, bridging gaps in chronic pain care due to barriers like cost, geographic location and long wait times for doctor’s appointments. Through groundbreaking programs rooted in science, we provide creative interventions, education, and peer support to inspire and empower participants on a healing journey.