Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)



1. What are the differences between Creating Bonds Groups, CHYPChats, and Creative Healing Workshops?


Each program has a different emphasis. The Creating Bonds Groups emphasize an educational component through guided group discussions. CHYPChats offer free time to socialize with peers. Creative Healing Workshops provide exposure to creative healing and self-expression with guest artists who lead activities. 


Additionally, Creating Bonds Groups are paid, facilitator-led, structured, capped at eight participants, and occur consecutively over six weeks for youth and 8 weeks for parents. CHYP chats are free, participant-directed, unstructured, open to all, and occur monthly.

2. What kind of educational material will we review in Creating Bonds? 

For the Creating Bonds for Parents, the curriculum depends on participants’ indicated interests.


For the Creating Bonds for Youth, the curriculum involves the following topics at the designated weeks.


Week 1–Foundational Pain Psychoeducation

Week 2–The Biopsychosocial Lens

Week 3–The Fight or Flight System

Week 4–Creating a Support Network

Week 5–Our Self-Compassion Toolbox

Week 6–Summary and Closure


3. Why are there six sessions in Creating Bonds for Youth and eight sessions in Creating Bonds for Parents?

Six sessions for youth and eight weeks for parents is an optimal amount of time to provide well-rounded information on certain topics, while accounting for group development.


4. When are the Creating Bonds Groups scheduled?

Varies from cohort to cohort


5. How much is the fee for the Creating Bonds Groups?

Parents: $400 for the 8 week cohort

Youth: $200 for the 6 week cohort


6. What if I sign up and miss a session?

If you need to miss a session, you may email the group leader ahead of time, and they will send you resources pertaining to the topics discussed in the session.


7. How do I sign up?

To register for Creating Bonds for Youth click here.
To register for Creating Bonds for Parents click here.



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