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Research has shown that over 45 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and 70% of adolescents with chronic pain will have persistent pain in adulthood. Adolescence is a key period to alter the pathway to suffering from chronic pain and prevent long-term challenges. With your help, CHYP can provide the tools necessary to change the experience of pain through evidence-based creative healing experiences that promote restoration of the nervous system.

Here at CHYP,  we provide youth with chronic pain and their parents and caregivers a safe place to go where they can feel understood and empowered – eliminating barriers to traditional care like cost, healthcare insurance, location, and traveling. We have developed research-backed programs to help this vulnerable population and their families, and now we need your support to bring these valuable programs to youth everywhere. 


Interested in volunteering with CHYP? CHYP relies primarily on volunteers to advance our mission. We invite you to join our network of volunteers who are young adults with shared lived experience, parents, caregivers, students and trainees, social workers, and healthcare professionals.

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