At CHYP, we recognize the diverse skills and expertise that contribute to our mission of supporting youth living with chronic pain. We’re actively seeking volunteers who bring various strengths and experiences to enrich our programs and initiatives. Here are the types of volunteers we are looking for:

  • Creative Facilitators: Individuals with experience in creative arts, such as writing, music, yoga, cooking, painting, etc. to lead on-demand creative healing sessions.

  • Educational Resource Contributors: Professionals or educators with knowledge in pain management, mental health, or related fields to lead monthly webinars.

  • Healthcare Providers: Professionals with expertise in psychology, counseling, or related fields capable of facilitating peer support groups.

  • Students and Trainees: Those pursuing studies or training in psychology, counseling, healthcare, or related fields interested in gathering hands-on experience and contributing to our programs.

  • Tech Savvy Support: Volunteers skilled in technology and online platforms to assist in maintaining and improving our website accessibility and virtual programs and resources.

  • Nonprofit Experts in Accounting or Grant Support: Professionals experienced in nonprofit accounting or grant writing / administration to aid in financial management and securing funding opportunities.

  • Social Media and Content Creators: Creatives skilled in social media management and content creation, or graphic design to enhance our online presence.

  • Community Engagement Ambassadors: Enthusiastic individuals passionate about community outreach and engagement to help expand our networks and foster connections.

  • Administrative Assistance: Volunteers proficient in administrative tasks, such as data entry, documentation, and organizational support.

If you have skills in any of these areas and are passionate about supporting youth living with chronic pain, we invite you to join our dedicated team of volunteers by completing our volunteer application. 

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