On-Demand Creative Healing Workshops 


Get Through Today
with Stevie Mackey

Join CHYP Hosts Lisa Freeman, Actress and Author, and Stefan Campbell, Creative Director in Fashion, Music, and Film for an electrifying workshop experience with the one and only Stevie Mackey, renowned vocal coach to the stars! From the Red Carpet to projects with Jennifer Lopez and Coldplay… Now's your chance to tap into his expertise and ignite your own musical journey.

In "Get Through Today with Stevie Mackey," we dive deep into the essence of musical expression and community building. It's not just about the music—it's about creating a supportive and inclusive space where voices can thrive. 

Throughout the workshop, we'll explore the power of self-expression and authenticity. Learn to embrace your uniqueness, take risks, and carve out your own artistic identity. With Stevie's guidance, you'll be encouraged to document your journey, embrace your mistakes, and curate your online presence with intention.

Remember, artistry is not just about talent—it's about timing and intuition. Do things when you are ready. Create yourself. Write things down. Admire people.

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CHYP’s on-demand Creative Healing Workshops serve as a gateway for youth ages 13-24 living with chronic pain to rewire the nervous system’s pain routes, redirecting the brain’s circuits away from persistent pain loops towards pathways of creativity and healing.

CHYP’s on-demand workshops offer an array of immersive experiences led by expert guest facilitators specializing in diverse creative techniques. Whether it’s writing, yoga, art, meditation, or other immersive practices, each session is meticulously designed to guide participants through creative experiences.

On-Demand Workshops Include:

  • Splash! Digital Artmaking with ArtThread Foundation
    To access Splash! and begin your creative exploration, simply click here and complete the registration process by using the Sign Up button located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Creative Healing Through Poetry with Daniela
  • Excitement in Classical Music with Dr. Kip Wile
  • Sketch Your Own Charater with Rudy Falagan