Navigating Pain for Youth 


Navigating Pain is CHYP’s on-demand module program that places a strong emphasis on the power of education to support youth living with chronic pain. This module program is crafted to provide a base of knowledge, offering a holistic approach to managing and understanding chronic pain.

Navigating Pain subscribers gain access to video content and accompanying downloadable handouts through direct emails to their inbox. Each module brings a particular focus to the forefront, enabling subscribers to explore and understand critical aspects of pain. 

Module 1 - Foundational Pain Psychoeducation

Module 2- The Biopsychosocial Lens

Module 3 - The Fight or Flight System

Module 4 - Creating a Support Network

Module 5 - Our Self-Compassion Toolbox

Module 6 - Summary and Closure 

Navigating Pain aims to empower young individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to help manage pain effectively.

We highly encourage active participation from Navigating Pain subscribers in our monthly Youth CHYPchats, which provides a facilitated platform for discussions among youth living with chronic pain. These Zoom sessions aim to delve into the content offered in Navigating Pain, explore CHYP’s Creative Healing Workshops, and foster a strong sense of community among participants. 

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