Creative Healing

  • Creative Healing Workshops:  On-demand workshops providing exposure to various creative healing techniques for youth ages 13-24.
  • CHYP Summer Camp: Virtual experience for youth ages 13-18, featuring artistic workshops, CHYPchat community time, and connection with peers going through similar experiences.

Educational Resources

With so much information out there, how do you even know where to start?

  • Navigating Pain for Youth: On-Demand module program for youth ages 13-24 that places a strong emphasis on the power of education to support youth living with chornic pain.
  • Educational Webinar Series: Interactive Q&A webinars for parents and caregivers with experts on topics related to chronic pain from childhood to young adulthood for parents and caregivers.
  • Parenting Blog: Weekly distributed information on a variety of educational topics from professionals.

Social Resources

For many young people with chronic pain, the worst part isn’t even the pain itself. It's the isolation… Feeling alone in their experience… Rarely meeting another teen going through what they are going through. Social support is critical. CHYP introduces these teens to each other so they can experience social support from a peer perspective.

  • Youth CHYPchat: Monthly open Zoom meetings for youth (13-24), providing discussion and community with other peers in similar circumstances. This occurs on the last Tuesday of the month.
  • Parent CHYPchat: Monthly open Zoom meetings for parents of youth with chronic pain, providing discussion and community with other parents facing similar challenges. 
  • Parent Creating Bonds: Small groups are offered for parents to meet weekly for peer support, and each group is limited to 8 participants to encourage thoughtful discussion. This is an 8-week program.