27 Jun 2023
27 Jun 2023

Parenting the Teen and Young Adult with Chronic Pain

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Dr. Samantha Levy

Speaker Bio

Dr. Samantha Levy, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who received her Ph.D. from Georgia State University in the Child and Family specialty track. During her clinical, child-centered internship at UCLA, she became involved with the Pediatric Pain Program. Subsequently, she obtained her postdoctoral training there.

Dr. Levy works with whole families, individual children/teens, or parents depending on the specific situation. She employs an array of psychological orientations (e.g. CBT, play therapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, ACT, IFS), to help the children/teens with their pain and any accompanying emotional issues. She helps the families understand the connection between physical pain and emotional difficulties (mind/body connection).

She teaches parenting skills and helps parents facilitate their child’s difficult, courageous journey back to functioning more fully in the world again. Dr. Levy runs the CHYP monthly open parent group and the CHYP small group parent groups


Dr. Levy will discuss the common issues that arise for parents who have teens and young adults with chronic pain disorders. She will help educate parents on topics such as preparing their child for college, how to know when to push their child towards independence and when to "coddle" them; how to help their child reintegrate back to school; how to help teens/young adults who are isolated because of their pain; how to get their child to begin functioning in the world again; how to handle the reaction of extended family, teachers, and the community; how to deal with your own resentment towards your child; how to allow your young adult go off to do activities without seeming anxious about it; The Golden Rules of parenting a teen or young adult with pain (Do's and Don'ts!).

Time: 10-11am PT, 1-2pm ET


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