Gratitude Practice & “Snake Breath”

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May 17th, 2021

By: Eileen Yager, MD

Gratitude is very important in self-compassion and self-help. Even with problems, there are always some good things in our lives to be thankful for.

This first short video will teach you a very short gratitude practice, and the second part of the video will teach a wonderful calming breath (“Snake Breath”). These can both be done with your child or other family members, if you’d like, or you can use them alone, for your own self-care.

Everyone is stressed about something now… and as parents of a child with pain, you have an extra stress. I always have said that you can’t take best care of someone else unless you take care of yourself first.


​I am Dr. Eileen Yager, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. I run the Integrative Pain Management Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado for kids mostly with chronic pain. In 1990 I was on the founding faculty of the UCLA Pediatric Pain Center, and Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer was my boss then!