5 Senses Stress Reduction w/ Dr. Eileen Yager, MD

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Dr. Eileen Yager, MD
September 21, 2023 / 8 mins read

This is a wonderful short practice to reduce worry and anxiety fast. First sit with back straight, feet uncrossed on floor except if you’re on a cushion on the floor. Rest arms on lap or arms of chair or furniture. Can do the last 3 parts with eyes open or closed; the first two need open eyes.Stop thinking about the worry/anxiety and focus on your body.

1. Say out loud 5 things you can see now, and look at them, focusing briefly on each one
2. Say out loud 4 things you can touch now, and touch them, focusing briefly on each one
3. Say out loud 3 things you can hear. Your breath can count for this too. You can close eyes if desired
4. Say out loud 2 things you can smell now. If there aren’t two, you can imagine smelling something good
5. Say out loud 1 thing you can taste now. Taste what’s in your mouth, and if there isn’t a real taste, imagine tasting something delicious.

This practice focuses your attention on physicality, allowing you to not think about the anxiety or worry. It is safe, so you can teach it to your child, family or friends.

You can do it repeated times per day, except NOT when driving.