Light of the Brain Meditation

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Dr. Eileen Yager, MD
December 4, 2023 / 5 mins read

This practice can be done with eyes closed (preferable) or eyes half open unfocused.

Inhale, drawing light through the eyes into the inner recesses of the brain. Let the luminous breath rise to the crown. The fontanel opens. Imagine light rising like a fountain. Exhale descending by the same path and project a beam of light forward from the eyes. Keep the eyes closed and let a beam of light shine through the eyelids.

Part two:
Turn inward and turn the eyeballs up gently. With each inhalation, you are building luminous energy above the crown [turning your eyes up puts you into an alpha rhythm, a slower, quieter brain wave associated with relaxing. Do for several minutes].

Return to the natural breath.

This is a safe practice; teach it to others and repeat it during the day if desired. Do NOT do this when driving, even if your eyes are open.