Neck Rolls with Dr. Eileen Yager

Brought to you by Creative Healing for Youth in Pain

Dr. Eileen Yager
November 7, 2022 / 2 mins read

Many people carry tension in their necks and shoulders. Today’s practice is an excellent way to relax the neck area and relieve stress. FORWARD NECK ROLLS Tilt right ear towards right shoulder, notice pulling on left side of neck With face forward, bend neck forward and roll it towards the left until you look over your left shoulder. In midline, start looking to the left. DO GENTLY. If there is any sore place during the roll, stop there, count to 5, and then continue swing of neck. Hold looking over left shoulder for count of 2. Then roll neck back so you look over your right shoulder, starting to look to right as you reach midline. Do complete neck roll 3 times.

Then tilt left ear towards left shoulder, and repeat the back and forth roll 3 times, gently.

Can do this exercise several times a day if needed (not while driving!). Make sure to keep your face forward until you reach the opposite shoulder. Do not bend your neck backwards during the exercise.

This is a safe practice that can be taught to children or other adults.