Relaxation Response Breathing with Dr. Eileen Yager

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Dr. Eileen Yager
June 12, 2023 / 10 mins read

Put your cell phone on vibrate. Make sure you are not disturbed.

Sit on a cushion on the floor cross-legged, or on a chair. Should be a comfortable position.

Your back should be straight; do not lean on the wall or chair back if possible.

Close your eyes, or keep your eyes slightly open looking at the lower part of your field of vision, unfocused. Rest hands comfortably on thighs or knees, or chair arms.

Breathe in through your nose. You do not need to breathe particularly deeply or slowly. As you breathe out, silently say to yourself the word “Peace” or “Calm” but use the same word. For example, breathe in…. breathe out…. CALM. In… out….CALM.

Continue this pattern.

When your mind wanders, gently return attention to the breath. Do not be upset at yourself if thoughts intrude.

Continue for 2-10 minutes.

Turn your phone on after finishing. If you like this practice, you can try variations such as thinking your word on the in-breath or both in- and out-breaths.

Your breathing may slow down, you may feel calm at the end of the practice. This is a great stress or anxiety reliever also known as Mindfulness Breathing, or Focused Breathing.